2000 Lancia Lybra SW LX 2.0 20V Comfortronic


One of those special Lancias, and this time it's reliable


Major faults have not come up on this vehicle.

The car came from immediate family, and never had any notable repairs needed (only services).

The wear of time has made the front Alcantara seats fade a bit; proper maintenance will remedy this.

The BOSE speaker on driver's front side has failed... replacement of newer speaker possible.

General Comments:

This vehicle is an upstate Kombi (SW), with a powerful, torquey engine capable of super autobahn traveling and city mobility.

The engine likes its fuel however if used properly..

The butter smooth Tiptronic box is a treat, and quite capable of a fast acceleration in 'Sport' mode.

The features and extras are usually only found in a Daimler, Audi or BMW, and not as standard...

Landstrasse/autobahn handling is great! The car sits very firm and will manoeuvre effortlessly around any corner at good speed. Roll is minimal and always power on the 'out' ;)

Slow city travel the car does feel more 'sluggish', but you don't need much more in a city anyway.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2012

23rd Apr 2012, 08:58

Update: We just finished service and compression test: (cold engine)

1. Zyl 190 (PSI)

2. 185

3. 180

4. 160

5. 185

This engine is superb, 12 years old, and very very good health.

- Brake pads front need renewing.

- Ordered BOSE speaker - 25 Eur.

- Replaced oil filter - 20 Eur.

Apart from 2 stone chips on the bonnet, absolutely NO rust!

Underbody is very straight. That said, the CVT joints need renewing.

My Father said he never saw a Fiat/Lancia model ever which was this good after 12 years.

Can only recommend this model 100%.

2001 Lancia Lybra LS 2.0 petrol


A superb car


I have only had few problem with the air-conditioning system, but for the rest this car is absolutely a gem to own and drive. This has also been my first Italian car: very comfortable and well built with an excellent Bose sound system as standard. For someone like me who has give up his Mercedes-Benz for a Lancia, I'm a truly satisfied customer. I will also consider buying the Thesis when available. Thanks Lancia.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2002