1989 Mazda 323 LX, Model BG Hatchback 1.4 gasoline, 67hp


Great car for CHEAP and RELIABLE daily commute if you don't care about comfort, speed and safety


Had to replace the exhaust at 140.000 km.

The ignition controller failed at 160.000 km.

Head gasket broke at 200.000 km, after its replacement I found a crack in the radiator that might have been the initial cause of the failure. Replaced the radiator, too.

General Comments:

The Mazda 323 BG I own probably has the fewest extras you could get. Absolutely low-end. No power steering, 155mm-tires, no rpm-meter, no power windows, no electric locks, and of course the smallest engine ever available on this model.

I bought this car for just 900 Euros in 2001, and apart from the things mentioned above and the religious oil/filter changes every 10.000 km, there was nothing to worry about. The only time it let me down was when the head gasket was blown. Since then, it worked flawlessly until I garaged it in the summer of 2006 because I bought another car.

Apart from the engine being reliable, you need to be aware that it is only good when you need to travel from A to B at little costs. If you want anything more than that, for example want to overtake a truck now and then, keep in mind that the engine has no power at all. 67 hp feel like 50 here and you need to shift down to have a chance. It even may become dangerous when the car is fully loaded and you are trying to pull on a highway.

As always it is helpful when you are able to do the basic maintenance yourself. Replacing a head gasket would have cost more than the value of the car if it had been done at a Mazda dealer.

I bought my spare parts at a Mazda dealer who has been friendly and helpful whenever I had questions. Spare parts of Asian cars are generally more expensive than those of European cars (at least in Germany). But who cares about higher spare part prices when hardly anything ever breaks?

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Review Date: 26th October, 2006

1986 Mazda 323 4WD rally 1.6i 16 valve turbo


A wolf in sheep's clothing


Absolutely nothing... the inner door knob at the deck lid broke and that's all...

Yes, after 75.000 km it was in need of new brake blocks, but I think that's the normal waste if you like high speeds...

General Comments:

Great performance - not everybody expects you to have the power of 150 HP.

No repairs needed, but a very bad fuel mileage for such a small car... 12-16 l/100 km (~ 17.5 MPG Brit.).

But easy to drive and highly comfortable for a sporty car.

75.000 km in 10 months without any repair - a never expected experience!

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001