1987 Mitsubishi Pickup Power Ram 50 2.6L


Recommended load lugger, but thirsty


Exhausts, only rear sections!

Gearbox - input bearings fail, cheap to replace, but very difficult.

Power steering - seal failed (2).

Seats badly worn & uncomfortable after a while.

Rear axle whines, gearbox not shifting smoothly.

Starting to rust around sills, the rest is immaculate.

General Comments:

Loved this truck! Bought it cheaply and drove it everywhere, so reliable. Problems started to appear so sold it.

Fuel economy reasonable - 25-28 MPG, only room for 2 people.

I could thrash this truck like a rented mule, and it always came up smiling.

Parts not expensive, some dealers good, others bad. Parts interchangeable with loads of other Mitzi's and Dodges. I would recommend this, but buy one with a diesel engine.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 1st March, 2001