1991 Nissan 200SX GE 1.8 turbo


Great second vehicle


200$ for the car

300$ for new back tires and replacing the under carriage

200$ for new clutch @ 260 km

400$ all new tires also @ 260 km.

The car is not meant for all weather driving, it's a sport car not good for your only vehicle.

I would have paid a lot more than 200$

General Comments:

I got the car used, and it was headed for the junk yard. The guy, who owned it before me got a divorce as he was leaving the country, left it with his soon to be ex wife and she put it in the ditch. The cheapest mechanic she took it to would not fix it for less than four grand. So I picked it up for two hundred, and fixed it myself. I ended up paying about 500$ including the price of the car, and now with the latest work I'm looking at about 1100$ not bad, and I love the car.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2004

30th Dec 2004, 05:16

Just bought my '93 200sx 5 days ago and loving it. 166000km on the clock, 233bhp and 173kw, bought from a perfectionist, this car is mint. Almost no turbo lag and pulls all the way to the top, makes boy racers look very very small in the rear view mirror. Nothing to date to complain about apart from a rattling exhaust silencer (bumping against the tow hook), a dash rattle on right hand side and a loose front right shock only audible on bumpy roads. Can get thirsty if pushed, 9.87km per liter if driven responsibly. Rear seating for two children up to 14 and a large dog, not together though, boot space adequate for two peoples luggage for a weekend, depending on your girlfriend. Like the shape of the seats, but the upholstery will sag if used too often. Parking really easy due to tight turning circle, but quite low so watch out for speed bumps and access to driveways. Imperative to leave idling for a minute after driving, but could be solved with a turbo protector. In the wet watch out for the rear stepping out, could catch you off guard, but in a controlled slide, what a pleasure. Change the oil every 10 000km and save your turbo. Performance to money ratio -nothing can touch a 200 SX.