1999 Opel Tigra 1.4 16v


Great design and almost a classic now


I bought this with a blown head gasket, corroded brake lines, multiple rust areas. Took me a few weeks to get on top of it - did it all myself - but worth it.

General Comments:

These cars are getting rare now, having moved into that grey area somewhere between the scrapyard and banger status.

I bought ours for €123 - scrap value! It had a blown head gasket, but I swapped another engine in rather than confronting all the possible side-effects of over heating.

I welded up all the rust areas, which I think were just on the point of being salvageable. It came with a lovely leather interior and some questionable 'tuning' add-ons, and has also been lowered. I'm returning it to original. Would not have been economical if I couldn't have done everything myself.

Parts are plentiful and cheap, as not only is it based on the Opel Corsa B, but a lot of Tigras are being broken at the moment in Germany.

Many of the survivors have been modified/tuned with mixed results, but I think the Tigra is easing into the classic category now having left behind its image as a "girl's" or a "hairdresser's" car. Never seen another one on the road.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2016