2002 Opel Zafira 2.2 16V petrol / LPG


I liked my Zafira 2.2i, but don't buy a Zafira with a smaller engine, it is the wrong place to save



The 2.2i 16V petrol engine is the only one really strong enough for such a heavy car. The car was very comfortable with automatic transmission, sunroof, air conditioning and electrical control of the windows. Never any problems with it.


I am disappointed with the build quality of many little things; I have often had to deal with that. It must be Opel's recent policy, as my two previous Opel cars did a lot more than 400.000 km total with less things to be repaired than on the Zafira. So less comfortable, older Opel models were the better built ones for my own use.

General Comments:


This was a great car in general and got quite old with me. Shortly after buying it, Vialle LPi6 LPG was built-in. The car ran flawless with LPG (around 200.000 km), which was much better for the environment and it made this car much, much cheaper in total costs at the end.

A very practical car with lots of space inside, and stable on the road - mine was also quite a good sample after all.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2014