1990 Porsche 944 Turbo SE 2.5 turbo petrol


Nothing. Worn front brakes/wheel bearings. Worn tires. Unburstable.... and I have tried. 78mph average on empty Irish lanes really tests a car, try that in a Ferrari/Lamborghini/Maserati!

General Comments:

Very fast car. 250 bhp and 268 lbft of torque. Driven at top speed (260kph) 165mph daily. 0-60mph time of 5.5 seconds used at every single traffic light... nearly anyway! Used at Nüurburgring regularly.

This car is totally underrated, which is fine with me, because it makes it a performance bargain. It is faster than a 1989-1993 Carrera 2/4, in a straight line, around corners and it also has superior braking performance (due to better brakes). All this and half the purchasing cost. Handling is excellent, but extremely neutral and very dependent on tires for feedback and progressiveness, the wrong tires make this car quite difficult to drive on the limit. The ride is hard but it is so well damped that combined with the solid build quality it makes the car feel quite comfortable.

Don't get one of these cars... it's a Ferrari F355 beater for Fiesta money... and I want it to stay that way. With some mild tuning, 330 bhp is possible with total reliability. And when Ferrari owners speak of reliability, take it with a pinch of salt... have you ever actually seen a Ferrari being driven quickly.. to be frank have you ever seen a 911 being driven quickly either?

A 944 Turbo is a performance car... not a posing one.

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Review Date: 25th February, 2000

29th Jan 2001, 18:21

Is this Shane from from Evo forum?? Good review anyway.

P.S. What tyres do you use on this car?

20th Jun 2001, 05:03

I own a 1990 944S2 with 92k on the clock. I have owned the car for over 2 years now and apart from a broken water pump (£75 replacement from dealer!!!) and having the cylinder head skimmed and new gasket, I have had no real problems at-all!

I stripped the brake callipers and fitted new pads both front and back, this is not a tricky job and I don't see where £300 per pair to do at a dealers comes from!!??

There have been one or two slight problems such as the bonnet light and tailgate catches not working properly, but that is about all!

I use my S2 on a daily basis, but don't really do that high mileage, but it is great fun to go for a long blast round some of the nice roads around the North Yorkshire moors.

I recently fitted 4 new Michelin Pilots which have made the grip amazing, I have 225/50/16 ZRs all round and will definitely replace with the same when the time arises!

The S2 represents excellent value for money and running costs are no more than a big family car, even insurance through Peart Associates is only £700 fully comp protected, which at only 26 years old I don't think is too bad!

If you are considering a 944 S2 I can seriously recomend one, puts a smile on yer face everytime you drive it!

29th Aug 2001, 11:05


15th Aug 2004, 17:46

I drive a 1988 911 Carrera hard every weekend, and so does the 4 others I know who own a form of a 911.

14th Nov 2004, 05:50

I used to own a skyline, but I want one of these now. they pants a skyline in a straight line and around corners. I will be buying one soon.