1992 SAAB 9000 CS


An expensive lemon.


We have had many problems with this car, practically from the first week we bought it. There are so many, I doubt if I could list them all.

First off, the light bulbs in the back did not work. Although they were replaced right away, one simply did not function at all.

Second, the brakes began to squeal unmercifully within a few weeks after buying the car. We took it back to the dealer, but he claimed there was nothing wrong with them. "They just squeal," he said. This developed into another story, later.

The indicator lights began randomly flashing about a month after we'd bought the car. The dealer said there might be a short somewhere, but that it was not significant.

About a month later, the radio stopped working entirely. The dealer took the radio out. It was not replaced. We now have a gaping hole where the radio once was. It used to be a nice radio. We are afraid to replace it, because we are worried that another radio will blow the entire electrical system, which is yet another story.

At the same time the dealer took out the radio, he replaced the battery, saying that a new battery should help the electrical system. It didn't.

We changed dealers. The new dealer was more helpful, but still our car has not been reliable.

Although the new dealer has replaced a small part made of carbon that was quite worn down, it has not really helped the problem with the electrical system.

The new dealer also checked into the brakes, but said there was nothing wrong. However, the car did not pass inspection, and we were forced to return to the dealer and insist that he repair the brakes. The brakes were repaired at a cost of 1000 Euros (!!!). By the way, they still squeal.

The electrical system is still going insane. Indicator lights go on and off without warning. When signaling to switch lanes on the highway, the needle on the tachometer jumps suddenly. If we are traveling over 100 km per hour, then the entire car shudders. We are afraid to drive fast in this car, since we don't know what will happen next.

We have an appointment to have this looked at now, but are terrified of what it will cost. This car has been a lemon since we bought it.

General Comments:

We originally bought the car because we had heard many songs of praise from SAAB owners who thought that they were good value for the money.

Not a day goes by that we do not regret this decision.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2003

17th Jul 2003, 04:00

9000's have nothing to do with Vectras at all. 9-3's certainly do. Dismal dealership services are to blame for most problems not being sorted, and I would like to think that no Saab franchises in the UK are like this - they appear to know their cars very well.

I have nothing but praise for the Saabs I have owned - they have proven to be very reliable indeed so long as they are treated to a service regularly. I would choose one again and again.