1992 Toyota Previa GL 2.4


The most reliable car I ever heard of


Both catalysers (each 2000 DEM) were changed at 200.000 km.

Front brakes (disc) were changed at 240.000 km.


All pumps are still original.

Car never let me down - now show me one other car with the same performance at these kilometers!!

General Comments:

It is true that the car is mainly driven on highways, but I am still very surprised at the real quality of Toyota cars. It is not very nice, it is not quiet, it does not have the best seats, the interior is very "plastic", BUT it is extremely reliable, the whole car is very well built - quality, and nevertheless it has a lot of space - not like the other vans (too little space in the back when six people are in them).

I had always thought the most reliable and best built cars were made in Germany (BMW, Mercedes, Audi), but my experiences with Japanese cars (Toyota, Honda, Nissan) and my experience with the Previa at 340000 km changed my beliefs!

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Review Date: 25th November, 2000

13th Dec 2000, 15:55

You are totally right, I had same experiences with a Previa!!

29th Jul 2001, 22:47

I was the owner of a 1985 Toyota van. Had 114,000 miles on it when purchased. Figured I could get a couple of years out of it. Had 232,000 miles on it when I sold it 9 or 10 years later! Great vehicle! Plan on getting another one.