1979 Volvo 264 GLE 2.7 PRV


The best 6cyl behind 164 and TP21


When I used the AC every day (in turkey - on holiday), the condensing water got inside the car. (It was only a problem of leafs which came inside through the air intake - not serious!)

One light of the instrument panel became out of order.

The rheostat for the instrument panel light was oxidized.

The shock absorbers has to been changed at 200000km.

General Comments:

The car is really quick when you will drive fast (11sec/0-100km/h). Maximum torque at 3000rounds/min - 220nm!

The body is the same! as of the 240 ones, but it is a little more comfortable than the 240. (AC, overdrive, heated seats, velors, hydraulic clutch, servo, electric power windows (front and rear) a.s.o.)

It looks much more better than the normal 240 (nice front.)!

The maximum speed is only 180km/h.

It's one of the safest cars in the world!


You should not drive on more than 4000rounds/min when the oil is older than 5000km! (Change it at intervals of at least 10000km!!! - or you would have problems with your camshafts and)

When the motor is cold, drive not more than on 2500round/min (the motor is completely made of aluminum!!)

Use a minimum of 50% antifreeze cause of the possibility of corrosion inside the motor!

Don't by a car when the oil was not changed at the right interval. If the oil has been changed at intervals of more than 20000km the camshafts may be down!

Every 100000km look for the right tension of the timing chain - the tensioner are not as good as the tensioner of a Mercedes!

If you care about the things above, the motor is good for 400000km!

If you want to tune up your engine, the DMC and the Renault alpine has the same!!! Therefor it's an easy way to get an engine with 180 to 250 hp (alpine 610 bi-turbo)!!!

I forgot the mileage: I drive with 9.3 to 11.5l / 100km. In Winter you need 14l /100km on short distances.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2002