1991 Volvo 940 SE 2.3L turbo


Lots of space and car for the money you pay


Fuel pump relays was out of order, cost of repair unknown because car was still under warranty (There's a mandatory 1 year warranty for used cars since last year in Germany).

General Comments:

Car is moving very, very smooth. On the motorway it runs alongside faster cars without any sign of "beating" the engine. In-town, the car is SURPRISINGLY mobile and - swift. I never have seen such a maneuverability with such a big car - and I've driven a Audi 100 Avant (station) and a Mercedes 200 Station before. Both were not at all that handy.

Fuel consumption is a bit to high. (14.2ltr per 100km, city-traffic, but still..).

Seats are VERY comfortable - I'm rather tall (1.9m) and heavy. The car incourages cruising instead of racing.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 7th August, 2003