1999 Volvo V70


I wonder if I made a huge mistake in purchasing a Volvo V70


Brake lights have been replaced twice in 6 months; panel covers were nearly impossible to remove in order to replace bulbs and ended up cracking in several places.

Main light switch quit working and was replaced by me (costs of $70), only to find out the part was recalled by Volvo and should have been replaced by dealership at no cost.

Electric door locks do not raise or lower on the driver side door, and door does not lock at all on the passenger side.

ETS light and Emissions light came on at 78,000, resulting in 2 separate week - long service visits to the dealership costing over $1500.00 to replace the Electronic Throttle Unit (10-year warranty was up less than 5 months ago).

Timing belt replaced at 78,000 (cost $800.00).

Driver side door panel (arm rest) has bubbled and ripped.

60,000 mile recommended service was performed by previous owner at dealership (costing over $1300.00).

General Comments:

Car is comfortable and handles great.

Repair costs have me concerned.

I do not have freedom of mind as a Volvo owner because I am only awaiting the next expensive repair service.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 10th September, 2009

24th Sep 2009, 22:59

Why you attempt to do do repairs which you are not comfortable with? Perhaps, you should had let a professional work on replacing the bulbs. Most cars are due for a timing belt about 70K miles.

4th Jan 2010, 19:23

Unfortunately, yes, you did make a huge mistake. If I were you I would run, not walk, away from this car. You are in the mileage range now where the repairs really start to pile up. You haven't seen anything yet!