1990 Wartburg 353 S 1.3


Budget vintage motoring for people who want something rare and original!


The only thing which could be classified as a breakdown would be the fuel leak which I am still trying to fix...

General Comments:

It's fun to drive (in the dry), cheap to buy, cheap to insure, cheap to run, easy (mostly) to service. Most parts are still available 25 years after they stopped building them.

It's a real head-turner and conversation-starter!

On a road with any kind of dampness on it, it's very tricky to drive, even on winter tyres, so mine only goes out when good weather is almost-guaranteed.

I won't have another one if I sell mine, but only because it will be time to try something new!

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Review Date: 30th August, 2016

10th May 2017, 16:02

Update May 2017: sold the Wartburg for more than double what I paid for it after 5 happy years. It's gone to a collector with more time and money than sense - the ideal classic car owner? ;)

Pleased to have saved it from the jaws of the scrapyard and set it on the way to being a rare survivor.