1998 Alfa Romeo GTV 1.8 TS 1.8 Twin Spark


You have to pay a lot for a better Italian sportscar


Windshield wipers were already worn when I bought it and cost 15€ each to replace them.

One front headlight lamp had to be replaced at 70000 km for 15€ also.

Front windows were not closing well allowing some wind entrance, I had to remove the door interiors and regulate the mechanisms. I think this is a task that should be carried out frequently!

The air conditioning never worked right, especially during winter. You either get roasted or get a severe cold! The dealership says it's because of the external temperature sensor (located beneath the right mirror).

The windows get steamy very quickly in winter, if you turn off the air conditioning. Strange!

When the car was bought it wasn't keeping a stable idle engine speed. The acceleration potentiometer had to be calibrated. It's OK now.

Recently the floor below the driver's feet is getting wet. I suspect that it's from the air conditioning drain that is blocked (or from a broken heater coil). The strange thing is that there are no signs of water on the sides around. It's not obvious from where this water comes from. I would really appreciate any suggestion...

General Comments:

Great performance, especially in twisty roads. The engine sound at high rpm can wake the soul of a dead man!

Great brakes although the ABS feels weird when activated.

The suspension is tight, but works fine in sporty driving.

Women of ages 30 and above love that looks!!!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003

11th Feb 2004, 11:47

You have mentioned a water leak in this GTV.

If you take out the dash you will see drips and take out the exterior bottom windscreen guard and you will see a small hole where it is not sealed properly. you have to seal that up dry the heater matrix on the inside and seal the gap on the inside. the gap is in a drain route mostly on the left hand side.