2000 BMW 3 Series 320Ci


A great car overall


Rubber insulation has come off from both doors, fixed it easily.

Tyres wear off quite quickly.

Service and replacement parts are expensive.

Ride height too low for some roads.

Sunroof interior cover has come off.

Passenger airbag sensor is broken.

General Comments:

I can achieve good MPG with not much effort.

Handles brilliantly.

6 cylinder engine is smooth, refined, and sounds great.

Optional sports seats are really good.

I have faced no problems with neither the engine, nor the gearbox so far.

Quality of materials used is stunning.

Nowhere near as quick as today's 2000cc cars, but performance is more than adequate.

Really reliable; 4-5 small problems fixed easily.

Boot space good.

A bit cramped in the back seats.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2010

1988 BMW 3 Series 318i e30 4 door 1.8 petrol


A car that can last a lifetime and makes you really happy owning it


At about 50000 kilometers there was a major oil leak from the engine.

At about 60000 kilometers the radiator had a leak and was replaced.

General Comments:

This car is quick enough for pleasant and safe trips. However, when the car is fully loaded, the engine must be highly raved for a safe pass.

The cabin is roomy for the driver and the co-driver, but the rear seat is for two, not very tall people.

Handling is not top, especially with used tyres, but if you know how to drive a rear wheel drive car, then it is enjoyable and fun.

The oil carter is very low (M40 engine) and there is a lot of chance to hit it somewhere.

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Review Date: 4th March, 2003

24th May 2007, 15:09

I had a 318 3 door on an F plate and it cost me more than any other car I've owned. The rear subframe bushes tend to go on all E30 models and you need specialist tools to replace them. £600 from a non franchised BMW garage. BMW themselves wanted £900 to do the job.

No it won't leave you stranded, but to keep it running smoothly you need a second mortgage.

1989 BMW 3 Series 316i benzin


Very good car


Generally no great problems. I think that the Carter (oil bath) is very low. Actually I crashed it one time. In my car it was about 13-15 cm from the ground. Also that the fuel pump makes a noise.

General Comments:

I think is a very good car, very beautiful and if you like sports driving it is wonderful.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2001

14th Aug 2010, 05:12

This is a very good car with lots of power.