1992 Citroen BX Kat 1.4


Unsung hero


Only the normal wear and tear items - brake pads, oil, filters, etc.

Spheres replaced at 150,000 km, clutch at 170,000 km.

Quality of interior trim could have been better.

Electrics needed some tidying, but only minor stuff.

General Comments:

An absolute gem. This car was always reliable, no matter what use and abuse I threw at it. Just like an old dog - always by your side till the end.

Unfortunately, it had an old dog's looks as well. But with the comfort and pleasure of driving the car, after a few miles you no longer cared about its looks. In fact, it turned from a frog into a prince.

(Sorry about the animal metaphors - they just seem quite appropriate right now...)

Would gladly get another one if it had been taken care of properly. Most of the problems with this car, as with other hydraulic Citroens, is associated with maintenance carried out by people not familiar with its ins and outs. If you have a Citroen dealer service history, don't think twice.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2007

1991 Citroen BX 14i kat


It's the beetle of the 80's-90's


Almost all recently, but, if you think about the 12 years and the half a million kilometers...

The transmission died after 9 years of hard usage.

The electrical windows are lately always going slower and slower and slower.

A hose from the radiator once broke, after 7 years of purchase I think.

A few parts of the interior are broken too, but only because of hard usage and not of faulty manufacturing.

The nightmare though is the constant leakage of brake fluids that started this year.

General Comments:

Maybe all of the above has terrified a few people, but the truth is that the car runs great for a 12 year old, 500.000km middle class car. Many of it's "friends", Alfa Romeo 33, Nissan Sunny etc. have died way before her.

The motor is very nice mainly because of it's great torque at low rpm. This lets you drive it almost as an automatic. It can practically start with any gear.

The brakes are out of this world.

The suspension is like an Arabian carpet.

The grip is so good that I got tired trying to make it slide. Even when it slides it's so smooth that you can easily talk on the phone and slide with it.

The best of all on this car is it's room. You can move a whole town with three loads! I have put so much stuff in it that nobody could believe their eyes. five people cannot just take a trip in this car. They can move in!

This car has grown so good on me that I hate to think of the moment that I will have to replace it in my everyday life.

The reason why I'm writing this review is that I had to express my love for this odd looking car sometime before it leaves my life.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2003

26th Apr 2005, 02:51

500,000kms?! That's 312,000 miles! That's phenomenal! Gives me some hope with my 150,000 mile TZD.

1990 Citroen BX 14 TGE 1.4 petrol


Underestimated in other countries, but very practical, comfortable car, designed to serve its owner


When an aftermarket air conditioning system was installed, the ignition computer failed. It proved to be a faulty unit and was duly replaced free of charge, covered by the guarantee.

Had to replace the catalyst twice during the car's life with us. As the unit became worn, the noise was becoming unbearable above 140 km/h (around 87.5 mph) and performance dropped significantly.

The "balls" of the hydropneumatic suspension had to be replaced three times, in order to maintain the car's excellent ride. We have found that they live for about 70,000 km or so. After that time, the comfort simply goes away and the rear jerks and jumps all over the place.

The compartment above the glove box sometimes would open in extremely bad roads. This is because of a design fault, though, and, if you stay away from places where only die-hard off-road vehicles belong, you shouldn't have a problem.

The starter motor died at around 100,000 km.

A few problems with the power windows and central locking were quickly fixed by removing the accumulated dust from the switches and circuitry and checking the wiring.

Radiator had to be replaced at 160,000 km, as the car tended to overheat in the summer, when the air conditioning was in use.

A few rattles from the rear shelf, but this sort of thing is a very common problem with hatchbacks.

Crappy loudspeakers.

Headlights gathered some condensation, especially some holes were broken into them by pebbles that had fallen off from trucks on the highway.

General Comments:

Rather cheap to get, underestimated in other countries car, with excellent handling and grip. Its worst reaction would be to understeer some, but you always were in total control.

All-round disc brakes a great bonus too. Powerful and responsive (albeit one had to get used to the fact that the brake pedal is NOT sensitive to foot travel, but to foot pressure), always stopped the car immediately. They were so powerful that you absolutely had to wear your seatbelt at all times.

1.4 lt, 80 HP all-aluminium engine was a real gem. Torquey, revvy and extremely responsive throughout the rev spectrum.

In-gear acceleration gave other contenders and pretenders (the Alfa Romeo 33 1.4 and the Rover 214, respectively) a huge run for their money. Top speed an average 168 km/h, though.

The clutch has always been criticizes as being heavy, but even though I'm far from being the strongest man around, I've never had a problem with it. Its feel was excellent.

Gearshift was very accurate, light, responsive and the 'box was geared for acceleration, not cruising at 100 km/h with the engine running just above tick-over.

Cabin criticized for having cheap plastics and materials, but I never thought it was worse than a Toyota Corolla of that age. In fact, it was quite inviting and the pure virgin wool tweed upholstery on the seats and doors proved to be extremely durable, easy to clean and cozy. Wasn't much of a problem during the summer either.

Handling and grip, as I said earlier, were top-notch, as long as you maintained the suspension properly.

Suspension bits were always the most expensive spares.

Fuel consumption, as long as the catalyst was functioning properly, was very good, even with a very heavy right foot.

Very roomy, comfortable and pleasant interior. Padded, soft-touch door cappints and dashboard a great touch, too.

The interior was also very practical, with many places where you could stash your belongings.

Driving position an acquired taste. Neither good nor bad, but needed a little getting used to.

Standard equipment was a bit weird: No tachometer or water temperature meter, but power windows, central locking and rear curtains were included. We ended up buying the car with some factory extras from the more expensive versions: the tacho replacing the analog clock on the instrument panel, water and oil temperature gauges, digital clock, fog lamps, rear headrests, rear spoiler and, later, an aftermarket air conditioning.

No rust problems whatsoever.

No leaks in the engine, suspension or transmission.

No water leakage, even in the worst rainstorms.

The problems mentioned above are natural for a car that has been driven hard for 9 years and has covered almost 287,000 km.

We sold it to a Citroen dealership for almost 70% of what we paid to get it as part exchange with a 1800 cc Xantia.

Nowadays, though, they practically go for peanuts. If you find a good one, just buy it. You won't regret it, even though it's an improved 1982 design.

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Review Date: 27th October, 2002

29th Jun 2004, 04:50

Hello there,

Having the same car (or almost, I have the low entry Dutch "Deauville" imported 'back' into France so to speak) and the same experience, it's great fun reading your comments. Especially since here in France most of my friends laugh about the BX design. But I do know it's an excellent car, doing it's work reliably since more than 200.000 kilometers - and with this unique Citroen comfort! Greetings from Grenoble, France.