1987 Fiat Regata 70 1.3 cc 12V


I have it in my heart


Well only my dashboard broke once and I was replacing the exhaust once a time per two years. Also the usual rust.

General Comments:

I've gone hunting, to my farm and I made many trips with the family in it. Never failed me. Even when I stuck in a river (the engine was running perfect) and when I made a 230 kilometres trip with 3 cylinders.

That car had very good performances. my 99 corolla 1.3 16V sucks.

Very good spaces.

It had more equipment than most of the cars of these days.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

8th Jun 2006, 15:25

I bought a brand new Regatta 70s in 1986 and used it for mini cab driving, in which I did 112,000 miles in 2yrs and this car never let me down, never ever.

I tried to kill it once by driving it through some ones fence and into their potato field, but it still got me home!.

The biggest let down was when it came to sell it, an 80% loss was hard to swallow.