1992 Honda Civic ESI 1.6 VTEC


Good acceleration and brakes, good looking


The rubbers of the sunroof got hard, so that the sunroof didn't close very well, especially in cold weather.

I got lots of problems with the temperature.

The gasket got burned, and after that I had to change the pipes and thermostat.

Driver's seat had a problem at the left rail.

General Comments:

A fast car with good brakes and steering, that can't corner as well as it accelerates.

The cabin and the comforts are very good for its age.

A very good looking car till today.

The parts are very expensive.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2004

1983 Honda Civic




No serious problems that make this car leave you in the middle of nowhere.

General Comments:

The road ends this car not.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003

20th May 2009, 06:50

Yes, this unbreakable machine keeps going on and on. Everyday use and no problems. Had to replace only tires, engine oil, radiator fluid, sparks and nothing else.

Mathusalas xa xa xa!!!

1991 Honda Civic 1.6i-vt 1.6 petrol


A civic will never let you down, a vtec civic is better


Left c. v joint (my fault, i didn't replace the worn out c. v boot),rear suspension bushings started to rattle recently (common problem),vtec cam rattle (common in first gen b16a motors, no need to fix, it just sounds weird),front rotors warped (due too bad designing, the brakes haven't got sufficient cooling),driver seat started to wear, and the engine consumes some oil when over 7000 rpm (normal for a vtec with some years of abusive use).

General Comments:

Extremely reliable, this car is driven to the limit (rev limit) all the time, sometimes I forget to service it, no problems at all. The engine is just fantastic the gearbox is one of the fastest you ll ever touch in a mass production car, and its really fast. Not roomy for the rear passengers, well spec-d, but it could use power locks, and ABS. The handling was just OK from the factory, despite the double wishbone sophisticated suspension, and got much better with aftermarket strut bar, shocks and springs. The factory brakes are fine in terms of performance, but when they overheat, the rotors can easily warp, so buy yourself a good quality front rotor pair. I will never sell this car, cause there is nothing else to replace it now.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

22nd Jan 2003, 16:55

Just a quick note, the noise from the engine is most likely to be the lost motion assemblies (LMA's).

Mine was doing this, and I had hell of a job finding out what it was, as no garages knew.

They are simple to replace and cost around £40 ukp each (I needed 3)

It won't matter if you don't replace them, it's just not very nice to drive a Honda that sounds like a Ford!

29th May 2007, 21:19

Honda's are tough as nails, but not like a ford 5.0 engine impossible to make tap or burn oil and civics burn oil when they are new I think ha ha, so long fellas.