2007 Honda CR-V ES-Plus 2.0 petrol


9500 - Clonking noise from the rear diff under full steering lock. Replaced rear diff fluid and never heard anything again.

18000 - Second row courtesy light short-circuit (fuse was blown and nothing worse happened). Replaced under warranty.

70000 - Very high oil-consumption, something wrong with the cylinder head. Replaced under warranty, no oil consumption now, and the engine runs sweeter than ever.

General Comments:

I chose the car based on logic.

I never thought that I'd come to like it, and to be honest I still think it's boring as hell.

It's boring because it's very comfortable.

It's also boring, because everything works like it should.

What also bores me is the fact that when I do long trips, it doesn't gives me a reason to stop (neither for fuel nor for rest)

Handling is borderline boring... NEUTRAL beyond belief and... oversteery when provoked (!!!), a pleasant surprise :) I don't thing I ever witnessed any kind of understeer.

Accommodation is very generous, even for luggage.

Plastics could be better... don't get me wrong, fit and finish are PERFECT, but even Renault has soft to touch - spongelike plastics nowadays.

Gear changes are a PLEASURE. Best ever gear-lever ever, travel is short, precise and it's positioned right next to the steering wheel.

Lights are excellent, no blind spots, just a "flood" of light.

What I hate the most though is that I can't find a reason to sell it (I am used to changing cars every 9-12 months). It's been 3.5 years now, and I can't find any excuses...

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th April, 2011