1999 Hyundai Coupe FX 1.6i


A low price dream car with extreme design


No mechanical and electrical problems, no noise and very good quality. Very good engine with good horsepower.

But the paint needs caution.

Also the Hyundai cars have good aftersales support (accessories, services etc.).

General Comments:

A low price dream car with an extreme design.

I think this model is most powerful in regard to the new 2000 Coupe look (rear lights and bumpers).

Here in Greece it is the most powerful coupe for "simple" young people. The coupe is the best car from Hyundai Motors.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2000

2nd Sep 2004, 07:15

Automatic gear box failure at 52,000 miles. Reverse could not be selected. Dealer said that there was nothing I could have done to prevent it. Re-con gear box as a result.

Ignition leads failed at 50,000 miles, leading to engine mis firing in turn leading to exhaust and manifold cracked. Very expensive to replaced. Change your leads regularly!

22nd Nov 2004, 08:25

Start up problems (36,000 miles). No one can find the fault because it's intermittent; turns over, but won't fire? Starts with lots of short turns of the key.

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