1990 Mazda MX5 1.6


The best entry level sports car ever


The battery had to be changed at about 100.000 Km for the first time. Keep in mind that it's a little bit expensive and unique to find.

Always keep an eye on the soft top and take good care of it otherwise you'll have problems.

General Comments:

Great car with no problems at all. Handles like a real sports car and its fast enough, if you keep in mind that has only a 1.6 lit engine.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2002

26th Sep 2006, 08:07

Certainly not "the best" in my opinion, especially comparing with the direct competition cars, mainly MR2 (both MK1 & MK2). Power definitely a let down, otherwise it is a fine sports car, but I personally found it a bit unexciting. Still it seems to appeal to many people, but would be good not to over-hype it.

26th Sep 2006, 17:43

I would agree that it is the best of this & the last generation of traditional (rag top)entry-level Sports Cars.

I loved the old MGs & Triumphs, but the MX5 Miata had it over them in the power & reliability departments.(The old MGBs & Triumphs did look real good though!)

The Solstice & Sky certainly have good looks, but are compromised as far as sports cars go.