1999 Peugeot 206 XT 1.4


Attractive design, nice driving, but too many of them around


Internal noise from the console. It was fixed, but still appears from time to time.

The engine seized while driving without any apparent reason. After I reignited it, the warning light turned on and stayed lit until the dealer changed in guarantee all sparking plugs and the distributor.

The hydraulic system of the steering wheel had a leakage twice at 75,000Km. At first it was just a small rubber tube, but the second time the copper pipes had to be changed and that would cost me a lot. I never changed them so I refill with hydraulic oil every 3 weeks!

The small light bulbs that indicate buttons, counter, socket etc. on the console tend to wear off very often.

General Comments:

Driving the car gives the driver a very nice feeling. It's very comfortable both within the city and on the highway. It's not as good when driving in urban areas with small blocks where you need to stop at every junction and that's because its second gear does not perform well in low speed.

The steering wheel is perfect and the shock absorbers perform very well, even on the rough Greek roads. The seats are very comfortable.

The doors are very light and give a 'cheap' impression.

The most unpleasant thing with this car is that almost everyone owns one! I bought mine in April, 1999 when people stared at it on the streets and now when it's parked on a crowded street I have to check the plates number to be sure that's the one!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 22nd January, 2003