1984 Renault 9 1.4


Well made, strong engine, time resistant, poor plastics


This car is my family's first car.

My father drove it until 2000 when he purchased a new one, and therefore I took poses of it.

Until now, I have driven a lot of cars, old and new ones, but I still believe that a Renault 9 is one of the best oldies.

Though it comes up with many problems especially with the interior and exterior plastic parts, mechanically is still a lion!

Actually I'm astonished with the amount of torque that this has car has at the lower rpms (for a 1.4 litres engine).

It is well driven and predictable on the road.

General Comments:

In general I believe that it's a well made car with a strong engine that eventually had wore off from time passed by.

Though 21 years old, still roles and gets me in safety!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 11th October, 2005