1991 Rover - Austin 200 214Si 1.4


If you treat it well, it will be nice to you


Catalyst died during the first month.

1 valve failure on 15000kms.

Constant water leakage.

Oil burning since 70000Kms.

Power steering system replaced at 90000.

Gearbox replaced at 112000.

Clutches don't last more than 10000 km.

Replaced 3 batteries.

Speedometer died.

Lots of noises coming from the trunk.

Cine-blocks replaced.

Coolant system replaced.

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General Comments:

Pretty fast, low consumption, roomy for passenger and object transportation.

Although it seems like it has not been reliable, considering how me and my family treated it (3 different drivers, 2 teenagers), I could tell that it lasted too long. I added Motor Cote in the engine and it turned into a 1.6L with improved horsepower, torque, less noise and more economic.

Oil consumption is quite a boring task to deal with.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2002