2001 Seat Leon 20VT 1.8 turbo


A must-have for quick drivers


The only thing that wasn't in place were the headphone sockets for the rear passengers. The holes were in place but the sockets were absent. I will have it fixed at the next service.

General Comments:

A raging bull... a real bargain. I can't believe that this power can be available at such a price. My car has already made 7500 kilometers and it is unbelievable. I drive it for hours at the speed of 180 km/h and it still doesn't make any sound to complain about it.

A slight press on the pedal pops the speed up to 220 km/h and it easily can reach the top speed of 235 km/h while the brakes feel like opening a parachute: The car slows down at once without bending on its knees and the Anti-Block System works only when really needed.

I tortured my car in many ways; Incredible power while overtaking or climbing on the difficult hills and mountains of Greece makes the passengers feel that the Newton's Law isn't a fact for this car. It simply flies wherever you want it to.

While driving it on gravel I noticed that it is very low, though there are some protecting plastic pieces underneath that keep rocks away. At a speed higher than 50 km/h on gravel the car seems to push its tail out at the slightest bend and the brakes are useless in case of an emergency. Back on a normal road, I found it impossible to make it lose traction as the Traction Control System does its magic unless you suspend it - something rather dangerous if you forget it's suspended for a long time and try to be fast in bends.

The Pirelli P6000 tyres I put on my car perform very well and the suspension could have been a little harder in order to maximize the driver's enjoyment.

I see cars costing twice the price and of brands that rule the market left behind, the drivers scratching their heads and trying to work out what was this thing they cannot overtake, I feel proud about my choice.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2001

11th Aug 2002, 10:03

I don't believe there is a road in the whole of Greece where you can reach 220 km/h without hitting a goat or a taxi, so, or you made this story up or you are allowed to use the runway of the new international airport.

16th Sep 2002, 06:26

In case you have been Lost in Time.

Today, September 2002, there are at least 8 major routes in which the speed can reach 200 - 250 Km/h, and some places for the one who dare to reach 280 Km/h.

You'll be surprised! Come and visit us!

17th Sep 2002, 04:43

What? 8 runways for one airport?

Now serious, I would drive a little slower if I where you, because the way the Leon is screwed together you will never live to tell what part fell off with that kind of speed.

2000 Seat Leon Sport 4 (or Cupra for UK) 1.8 turbo


You can't found another car like this at this price! BRAVO! Seat


It's perfect.

General Comments:

This car it's a...

1) Sports car

2) GTI

3) Family car

4) Luxury car

5) Beautiful car

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2001

2001 Seat Leon 20VT 1.8


A true GTi


Some noise from the engine when on bad surfaces.

General Comments:

A very strong engine with "live" 180bhp, but the "most money" is in the 6 gears that make the car fast everywhere - anywhere. It is fast & safe even for a mid driver and with anti-spin off it can be even faster!

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Review Date: 5th March, 2001

14th Mar 2001, 09:17

How did you manage to put 25000km on a 2001 car?

5th Aug 2001, 15:05

I have owned a Seat Toledo TDiSE from new for one year and ten months. What a marvellous car! It was beautifully built in Volkswagen's Belgium factory. I know that the Leon is much the same car. They both have very good looks!

I have just returned from two weeks on the Island of Kefalonia. I was delighted that I saw many Seat cars there. Plenty of Leons (one was a beautiful burgundy colour). I saw black and silver Toledos. My Toledo is a beautiful Indigo blue. So many people comment on the car's good looks.