1990 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.6


I love it!!!


Things that went wrong...

Not lots of problems really...

Just problems that time creates... and things need to be changed such as I once changed the gearbox and we recently changed the engine... we found an engine from a Suzuki Vitara that fits great and is almost the same... and as far as I can feel works the same...

General Comments:

Well... my comments are very positive...

That car is an animal... it weights too little... almost 800-900 Kgs and it has enough power to say bye bye to other brand new cars with a 1.6L engine...

The only thing is that it doesn't turn as good as it accelerates... but this can be fixed with new suspension... harder ones and with bigger tires...

I really love my car...

People keep saying to me that it is at least 100Bhp and I just tell them that sry guys... no it is 89...

But still nobody believes...

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Review Date: 20th February, 2006

2000 Suzuki Swift GLX 1.3 Gasoline


Cheap, reliable, and pretty

General Comments:

My father owned an Alto for 17 years and this car is still running. So we decided to go for a Suzuki again. I have owned this car for only 4 months now, but I can say that I'm satisfied, I got more than I paid for.

The engine is a little noisy after 3000rpm, it certainly needs larger tires but other than that it's fun to drive and is very economic as far as fuel consumption is concerned.

I know a lot of Suzuki Swift owners and all of them agree that these cars are reliable, economic and with a few additions you can make a vast improvement on their looks and performance.

I would suggest this car to anyone that wants to buy a cheap car and have it for many years without significant problems.

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Review Date: 31st March, 2001

17th Oct 2005, 05:29

Maruthi Alto is launched in 4 years back only. The writer is saying that his father is owned an alto 17yrs back. How?

3rd Mar 2006, 08:54

There was an old Suzuki Alto as well, this is what the OP is referring to. Do a google image search for Suzuki Alto or even search this site and there are reviews for old Alto's.