2006 Toyota Avensis 1.8 petrol engine


Generally a very good car



General Comments:

The car is very good.

The comfort from the suspension is very good. The suspension absorbs everything in greek roads, which are the worst roads. Very good suspension.

The manual gearbox is also very good. The gearbox is so good, a classical Toyota gearbox, that the gear changes are smooth and soft.

The engine is great, classical Toyota engine. I think is the fastest car in its class.

It is powerful, and the most impressive thing is the fuel consumption, which is very low for a 1.8 petrol engine. I have managed to see 6.7 lt/100km on national roads. I do not press the engine, but I thing this is an extremely low fuel consumption for a 1.8 petrol engine!!!

Ergonomics are very good; you will find everything in the right position. The rear view mirrors are so large, and this is very helpful for the driver. The luggage space is large too, but the lights are not strong and it does not help at night.

Also the interior plastics are good, but when the road is not good you can hear a little noise from the plastics of the interior.

The space for the driver is small, and it is a bit difficult for the driver to get in the car.

The steering system is slow and it is very light. This is good at low speeds, but it is not at high speeds.

But do not forget, it is an electric power steering, not hydraulic, and this is the reason why it is light.

The brakes are very good.

Generally a very good car.

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Review Date: 10th November, 2007

2005 Toyota Avensis 1.6


It is not worth the money


Faulty brakes.

Mirrors make a noise when the doors are closed.

ECU does not work well and the car is "shaking".

Noise from the engine.

General Comments:

For a brand new car the problems, are huge.

At the first 300km, I had to change the brakes (I went twice, because at first they fixed them at the screw machine, and after 100km they replaced them).

The RPM was not stable, and the car was shaking.

The service informed me that the problem was existing from the beginning, and Toyota is looking for a solution.

After 3 months, they changed the ECU, but the problem was the same.

They are still trying to find what is happening, and of course they didn't accept that the car has a problem after they replaced the ECU.

As for the mirrors, at least now I hear noise only from the left one.

The engine is noisy at low and high speeds.

I was thinking to buy a Corolla for second car, but now my only thought is how I will get away from this Avensis.

Bad for the reputation of Toyota.

Gerasimos Provatas

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Review Date: 8th April, 2006

9th Aug 2006, 09:14

You must be driving correctly or running the crap out of the car and abusing it. This is very rare in a toyota and sometimes in all vehicles there is one bad apple in the bunch. My 2005 Avensis is totally dependable and love the car with 25,000 km's in one year!

1999 Toyota Avensis Linea Sol 1.6


A satisfying family car


The fuse of the radio was broken at 30000.

At 25000 the bumper had to be changed because of an accident.

At 35000 the right light was changed because of another accident.

General Comments:

This car is seriously reliable. Most of the kilometres it has done were in the city and a few on the motorway, and it's had no problems.

Its performance isn't the best in its class, but the model year 2000 is more beautiful. On the motorway it is very good. I have a family of five persons and we have nice journeys of 500 kilometres.

The brakes are very good, they have saved us from many accidents.

In overtaking it isn't brilliant, but it works.

In the traffic of the city it isn't very good because it is big and you cannot park and move on little roads easily.

Inside the quality and the assemblage of the materials is brilliant. The only thing that I don't like is the fake wood. It is very comfortable and the space for the passengers is satisfying.

The boot is very big.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2001

8th Mar 2003, 03:53

Typical Greek...:)

30th Apr 2003, 07:54

I have recently been driving an example of the outgoing model Avensis. Just to shut the doors and sit in it gives the impression of a very cheap car. The ride is poor and reaction to side winds is excessive; so is wind noise. Long journeys are very tiring, all other relevant factors ranging from very poor to barely adequate. I have driven other cars in the class and cannot imagine any experienced driver choosing this one if they take the trouble to test drive alternatives.

31st Jan 2004, 12:37

Three years ago I bought a Toyota Avensis diesel turbo estate... I would not say it is the worst car in the world... but it is far from the best... Although I have had no mechanical problems as of yet... the body quality of the car is beyond belief... be careful not to lean against the doors or they are likely to cause serious damage (I'm only 9 stone) the vibration is very frustrating while driving over 60 MPH... and in winter it is advisable to leave it at home... snow or ice and it just sits spinning. A good reliable car mechanically... but if your looking for something safe with a little comfort... give the Toyota Avensis a miss.