2003 Chevrolet Celta 1.0 cc


Chevrolet Celta A/C does not work


The A/C of my Chevrolet Celta really sucks. I have being forced to send my car 14 times to repair it. The worst part is that I've sent it to the dealer's workshop those 14 times. I really don't understand how is this posible! General Motors have not said anything about it, eventhough they know about the problem. It is very sad that I live in a place like Guatemala, Central America, because none of this would be happening to me if I were living in U.S.A. Furthermore, it is not posible to have a new car with such problems.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2005

29th Aug 2005, 15:13

It's not true that if you were living in USA you wouldn't have such a problem... I live here and is the same or ever worst... so relax!

31st Oct 2005, 13:44

Hey amigo, relax I live in the US and have had to put up with the same kind of problems, at different dealers (Ford-Toyota and GM). So relax and enjoy life. Buena Suerte.

7th Nov 2005, 20:25

Guys for those who doesn't know in U.S. it's a law that if the car its back to the dealer 3 times for the same problem they have to refund your money or give you a new one. Whatever what you says about Central America its true. TOO BAD, but its true, 3rd world countries!!! and I m from C.A.

29th Dec 2005, 10:02

I have a Celta with A/A and is okay!!! I´m very happy. The car is wonderful. I live in South America.

8th Jan 2007, 07:59

I have a Celta (Suzuki Fun) in Argentina and the A. C works perfectly.

30th Jan 2007, 17:21

I agree totally with the first comment. I am also having problems with my Chevy Celta a/c. Within 6 months my a/c stop working and when I took it to the dealership they did a temporary fix (July2006) and they are yet to correct the problem. My Problem with the air condition is the blower motor.

21st May 2007, 03:33

HI! I have a Chevy celta too, My a/c is not working after having this car for 4 year so in 2006 a/c stop working I bought different part for it, but still doesn't work. But now I know what is my problem. The vaporator is not working. Beside that I didn't have any other problem with this car. This is my first brand new car and I'm very happy with it. No a/c, but it still running any where I want to go. M.T. from Aruba.

5th Nov 2011, 19:34

Searching for a fuel pump for a 2003 Celta. Can anyone help???