1994 Chevrolet Suburban SLE 5.7 V8


It really hauls!


The alternator went dead, when I was towing a Camarzo Z28 o the drag strip! Kinda funny to have that problem in that specific time.

Other than that, just the usual maintenance.

General Comments:

It handles really good, but the thing eats gasoline like you would not believe. It just makes about 18 kilometers per gallon.

Added some "performance" parts trying to get a better fuel mileage. I installed headers, a TBI spacer and a "cyclone fuel saver". Even though the gas mileage was improved somewhat, the performance is awesome.

I got the C2500 built in Mexico. Since it came from Mexico, I tought that I was going to have plenty of problems with it, but so far, it has impressed me with the reliability. The interior noise was a bit high, due to loose interior panels, but after securing them in place, the ride is much more civilized.

However, what really amazes me is that this thing really hauls! I mean, I knew that the suburbans with that HUGE 350 engine were capable of towing and all, but after hauling a Z28 in a trailer, and having 8 passengers (plus me) on it, and being able to drive it like if I was alone, man, I am telling you, I was shocked. There and then I decided to overlook the gas mileage. I am converted!

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Review Date: 28th December, 2005

1990 Chevrolet Suburban Scottsdale 2500 5.7 gasoline


A good looking and powerful monster!


I just got the car a week ago and runs like a new suv! some things are not that good like windows, doors and stuff that a 12 year old car always will have, nothing I can't afford.i m planning on put some headers and new moflers, maybe a k&n filter for better performance

General Comments:

Incredible power in the street, highway and off road, a monster! the 350 v8 engine makes you feel the suv power running all the time.

The manual is pretty tough and the 4wd is the best I have ever tried.

I definitely buy another one!

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2002

12th May 2004, 20:13

What do you mean "the manual is tough?" I'd be very interested to know this.

14th May 2009, 12:25

I've owned four Suburbans, 3- 4x4 and 1 was 2wd.

There is nothing better that I've found for driving on snowy roads. The long wheelbase and weight of the beast gets it going and keeps it straight. That said, I've owned two 4 Runners, a Pathfinder (presently) and a Nissan pickup. If you drive in snow and don't mind poor mileage (relatively speaking) you won't find anything better than a Suburban. Plus, used ones are cheap!!

The cons: Besides mileage, the brakes can be a pain. This is a heavy vehicle and the brakes tend to be a problem area. If you can afford it, maybe aftermarket heavy duty brakes would be a good investment.

Also, one of the beasts was a 1/2 ton, a 1500. I would go for the 3/4 ton variety if you have a choice. You get taller tires and heavier suspension. Works better if you tow.