2001 Fiat Punto


What could expect more for US$8,500?


First things appeared were too much noises. A really fast fix was done before 1000 km After that an oil spoil bothered me. They were from the motor and there was a 20,000 km performance. The warranty was just for a year, but the dealer honored the warranty until the car was fixed, after the year passed. A bottom part of the motor was fixed twice. When everything seemed to be OK, another spoil appeared, but it was water. Almost 5 times was my car in the garage. I became so frustrated so I tried to give it back, but in the very last time it was fixed. Dealer management was very concerned what was happening so they told me it was the first time it appears in a Fiat Punto car. I have 4 months without a problem, since the car was acquired, and I am going to sell it. I feel free to sell it because it doesn't have any serious problem that I had, because the person who is going to buy it is a friend mine.

General Comments:

It has a pretty good motor for a car that size, it is powerful for a small car. The front internal board is plastic, it doesn't have the finest details of the luxury cars, but works. External view is not attractive, but is good for my country because it is not attractive for robbery too. Electric operation worked good, so that is one of the things to make more fear on Fiat.

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Review Date: 13th September, 2004