1977 Toyota Landcruiser 3.0 gasoline


A real unbreakable 4x4


Very little has gone wrong. Had the 4x4 jammed once, which meant driving home from the family farm (nearly 60km) with the 4x4 on, no damage to the engine or gearbox.

Upholstery worn because of time.

Regular services and tune ups carried out at low cost.

It was stolen once from the street, but retrieved by my father shortly after. As a result of the whole legal process, it was taken to the Police impound for about two years; when my father finally got it out, he only had to pour some diesel into the engine and rotate the crank, then changed the oil and filters, belts, spark plugs, and the car started as if brand new.


General Comments:

The car is unstoppable. A friend tried to compare its 4x4 capabilities with his 2006 Tacoma uphill, his had to use 4x4, mine climbed the hill (about 200 meters, steep) on normal (2H) with no trouble.

Mileage is a bit low (about 45km on open road), due to its 3 speed gearbox, and it rocks a lot on the poorly maintained Guatemalan roads.

Other than that, this car has been a family jewel, and will remain as a member of the family for a long time.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2010

1993 Toyota Landcruiser Land Cruiser II 2.8 TD


A definite rock-hopper


From the beginning, the car had a screeching noise inside the cabin, which came from one of the hinges in the glove compartment being broken, quickly repaired with an ordinary screw.

Car felt shaky (second use car) when driving on irregular surfaces (even in city), due to front suspension totally damaged. Had to replace entire front suspension, cost approx. 400 USD.

Difficult to start in the mornings, but once engine warm, nothing would stop it.

Major problem was after rebuilding front suspension/axle, during alignment we realized chassis was damaged so vehicle had to be returned to dealer.

General Comments:

This car is a monster, it was definitely built for someone who drives in the mountains on a daily basis, it's quite roomy inside, but when it comes to bad surfaces it will shake your breakfast/lunch/dinner with no mercy. In the end was a good thing that we changed it, since my wife became pregnant, or else she would not be able to ride in it.

Fuel consumption is good, but driving it in open roads can be quite painful if you pay attention to the engine, since it only has 4 gears, but will respond immediately and even ask for a fifth gear, or more if possible.

Unfortunately, due to bad chassis, I did not have the opportunity to test it off road, but I am sure it would have not disappointed me.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2007