2001 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 gasoline


A sturdy city car, which will take you far for very little


I bought the car second use, but still in very good condition. The only problems I've had were with the head light bulbs, one of which had low-beam burned, but was easily replaced.

Grill clamps seem to be broken, but hold in place while hood is closed.

Plastic rod from belt tensor beginning to wear. Part easily found in Guatemala city.

There is a noise from both suspensions, although shock absorbers are still okay (recently new), but rubber pieces seem to be drying from recent rains.

General Comments:

I did not want to buy an engine too big (not above 1.6), and was quite reluctant when I acquired this 2.0 gasoline engine, due to high prices of gasoline in Guatemala, but on the first trip, during which I had to do some steep climbs with the car, it got me. It did about 68 km/gallon, more than my dad's Pony (1.3).

The vehicle feels very secure, and the interior is just fine. Controls are easily to recognize, access and to get acquainted with.

The engine is very powerful, especially when overtaking in open road. 4 wheel disk brakes are just perfect.

Clutch is a bit tricky though (perhaps because I am used to Diesel and SUVs), especially when trying to make quick gear shifts upslope, it will not loose power, but needs a slower/smoother release compared to diesel vehicles, and if you are not careful, the whole car will shake into the next gear.

Love the boot room, and leg room is very appropriate also (for the average Guatemalans).

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Review Date: 17th August, 2007