1995 Jaguar XJ6 X300 3.2 Sport


The rear bushes needed replacing from the knocking sound, which is said to be common on this model after around 80-100k km. Approx 400 USD.

Motor for radio aerial - 40 USD.

No real issues.

Generally very reliable; remember this car is nearly 20 years old.

General Comments:

Now in 2012, they just don't make cars like this anymore.

X300's (95-97) are actually very reliable Jaguars. Under the ownership of Ford, they injected 500 million. Designed by the same man who penned the XJ220 and S-Type.

In my opinion, it has better quality than the previous model XJ40, and has less of a chance to have any serious issues than the later XJ8 with the V8 engine.

One of the last 'real' Jags of that era.

Depreciation has hit this car hard, but believe me, the money buys you a lot of car for the quality you get, as long as you get one that has been looked after. My mechanic and a few in the know have told me I've picked up a good buy.

My 3.2 Sport in dark blue has had one caring owner since new. Looking at the near brand new looking, tinted walnut / cream leather with slight wear on the driver's seat, you know the owner was a good lad. The exterior has a few door pings and still wears its coach lines, so it's still original Jag paint.

The straight six engine, if looked after, will see past 200k km with no problems. Mine is still responsive at this age, and has an urgency and a nice growl when you hit higher RPM.

Fuel consumption is expected from a car of this size. In town, yes a bit thirsty, but predictable. On the highway you can get good mileage.

Interior. The best looking is definitely the Sport and XJR trim; the wood looks great when tinted and the steering wheel is black. Electric seats and even electric headrests. It feels special.

The straight 6 won't let you down. There's a reason why many reviews state the car will have no problems across Europe etc. I drive around in Hong Kong and the gas prices are extortionate, but for me, this is a weekend car - so I don't mind paying a few bucks to take care of my cat and have a run in town.

You can expect a few minor problems with electrics if you're unlucky, but as a running car, it's very good if you maintain it properly.

Parts aren't too dear; find an honest independent mechanic if your local is too expensive.

Inevitably owing to its age, it's not easy to find one that is in mint condition. One that has been looked after is definitely worth it. And this car deserves to be looked after! It is a future classic in the making without a doubt.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2012