1999 Mazda Premacy GSi 1.8 16V petrol


An economical and popular 7-seater option in the used car market; best equipped with the 2.0 engine


1. Front shocks leaked oil and were replaced.

2. Front brake pads replaced.

3. Front brake discs warped and re-faced DIY.

4. Coolant water level dropped 1 litre every day. Suspected head gasket failure. Pending re-torquing head bolts, or subsequent repair.

General Comments:


1. Slow acceleration from a standstill.

2. Clonking front axle.

3. Very difficult to replace the front suspension, cos the anti-roll bar links have rusted bolts, making it necessary to prepare for hack-sawing the thing off.

4. Weak head gasket.

5. Boaty drive around corners.


1. Cheap second hand.

2. Plenty of aftermarket parts on the cheap.

3. No rust at all.

4. Comfortable driving position for 5'8" guy like me.

5. Plenty of space for 5 adults + 2 children in the rear third row seats.

6. Relatively easy on gas costs compared to 2.0 litre passenger cars taking 5 persons.

7. Noise insulation not bad at 100+ km/h speeds.

8. Sunroof has no leaks, indicating good build quality.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2014

14th Jan 2015, 00:05

Hi there.

Thanks for the advice, but I need to ask few questions, as I am about to buy Mazda Premacy 2000 Japanese import to Ireland, but when I googled its reg, it came up as been having been sold many times last year.

To be honest, I like the car very much as it has huge space, but I have been taken aback after finding out that it had been sold too many times online.