1987 Mitsubishi Space Wagon


A Reliable Performer That Holds Lots of People


As others have said, we've needed to replace the tires frequently. We also had a short for a long period of time that the mechanic couldn't find for over 2 years. Having such an old car, it's not surprising to lose a fuel pump, need to replace the window control panel below the front driver side window, replace the window control mechanism in one of the windowns, replace burned out light bulbs, new backseat seatbelt. The strangest event was a stuck horn, which I had to drive home for about 20 minutes around Hong Kong island, trying to say sorry to all the others I must have scared with a silly grin. My students have loved it because they think it's a throwback to the sixties or something and is in a whole new category than their brand new Mercedes or

BMWs. My colleague always joked about the chipmunks under the hood from the pinging when I made a sharp turn.

General Comments:

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 12 years with it. Despite the one short circuit problem, it has been a consistent, easy-to-drive, reliable car. We said we have resisted looking elsewhere because we would want only a newer version of the same thing. Lo and behold, a friend called up the other day and offered us a 1996 version of the same car for free, so we're taking it. We've moved so many people and lots of furniture, washing machines, etc, in the last 12 years.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2007

1995 Mitsubishi Space Wagon GLXi 2.0L Gasoline


I have bought the car for just over one month, and noticed that a rear tire loses its tread quickly. Maybe it happened before I got the car, but I noticed it recently.

General Comments:

The running cost of owning a car in Hong Kong is great. The government license fee is high (USD 256/4 months), insurance is OK (20% NCB, USD 282/year), petrol cost is high (USD 1.54/Litre), parking cost is high (USD 200/month).

So you can understand why the Space Wagon has a market here, you pay about the same amount as an ordinary 5 seats car, but you get to take on 2 more people.

The space is really limited inside for the second row (which seats 3) and the third row (which seats 2). Also if you are taking 7 people, the luggage space is very, very limited indeed.

The handling of the car is not as responsive or impressive as a 5 seater. I used to own a Honda Civic prior to this, and I find the Space Wagon can be termed as a economic choice for a 7 seater, and handles better than a MPV.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2005

11th Jun 2005, 21:58

Thanks for the great review! It was almost uncanny, how relevant your comments were for us. We're thinking of buying this exact car from a colleague who's leaving town soon test drove it this weekend. (We also live in Hong Kong and currently own a Honda Civic, which is easy to drive, economical on gas and easy to find parking.)

When we tried it my colleague's Space Wagon this weekend, the car handled well, but we observed some minor things like a slightly loose gearbox (it's automatic transmission) and a sensitive accelerator (hair-trigger response). Is that something that's common among all Space Wagons of that generation? Also, living in Hong Kong, there are a lot of hills and our Civic, being a 1.5-L engine labors quite a bit. Do you find the Space Wagon - with its 2.0-L engine - more adept at going uphill?

12th Oct 2005, 23:10

Thanks for this wonderful space given to us buyer's. I would like to know if the given price of $3,600 for a second hand, but well maintained 1995 Mitsubishi space wagon car is practical to buy? I have four kids and one niece plus my mother in-law that suits to that seven seater car. I need your suggestion.thanks.