2001 Volkswagen Beetle Turbo 1.8


Shameful effort


Unfortunately this is going to be a long and for at least me painful list. Lets start.

Trouble began shortly after purchase when the CD player gave up and had to be replaced, this was followed by the doors drooping and the the electric window motors going; twice no less.

However, the real problems began with the ECU/ESP system going hay wire. Fron 8500 km up to 16000 km the car was dealt with by the dealer, Dah Chong Hong, 8 times. These warning lights persistently came on which was accompanied by poor performance and a tow truck! So far this year the car has been "dealerized" for 2 months! To "fix" the problem the whole wiring loom has been replaced, the engine management system replaced, the throttle body replaced 3 times, throttle valve control unit replaced 2 times, engine speed sensor replaced, Brake pressure switch replaced, brake pedal switch replaced and ignition coils replaced.

This is aside from the problems of noisey suspension, parts of the interior trim falling off and the car being returned to me by the dealer with serious paint and interior fitting damage on two occasions.

General Comments:

This car is obviously cute and fun to drive; when it goes!

The levels of frustration and disgraceful backup mean I will never by from VW again. This being my fourth and last product from this manufacturer.

The backseats are a chiropractors dream come true and the boot can accomodate a few days shopping only.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 4th August, 2003