1985 Dacia 1100 1.1 petrol


A good honest car for daily motoring - but no frills


Original alternator failed twice. At 20,000 Km's and 80,000 Kms - I then fitted a Renault reconditioned alternator and has worked fine for 120,000 Km's.

Battery replaced three times - but not bad for the mileage (200,000Km's)

Front brake disc's replaced twice.

General Comments:

The Dacia is a good, honest, no frill's car. If you don't mind the solid ride, uncomfortable seats or loud cabin (lack of noise dampening on the engine bulkhead and bonnet) - it's real fun.

I have found this car to be very reliable. I change the engine oil and filter every 6,000 Km's.

This car has traveled from Hungary to England and back again without any faults. That was with three adults and luggage.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2003

29th Nov 2003, 02:21

There was no Dacia 1100 produced in 1985. The last 1100 rolled of the assembly line in 1971. Perhaps you mean Dacia 1300?

13th Apr 2004, 06:07

Are you sure you're not talking about a Skoda 1100?

Or maybe there were some Dacia 1300 models with 1100 cubic cm engines sold in Hungary?

That's interesting. Truth is, if you are really lucky you might get a reliable Dacia. That's very, very rare.

Bye now.

20th Dec 2006, 05:23

Guys, just give an image search on the net and you'll see that there was a car called Dacia 1100, it was actually a Renault 8, just as the Dacia 1300 series are more or less Renault 12. But these little cars have disappeared almost completely here in Romania too, I don't know whether parts are still available or not. Anyway, if you have one, good luck with it!