1993 Daihatsu Charade SG 1.3 16v


A speedy, economical commuter-car, that you can love! :)


The steering squeaks somewhere, when it's below 0 Celsius.

Somehow rainwater gets in to the doorstep. Not sure how yet. I'm about to drill a hole in it, to prevent corrosion.

Needs the required attention, that's mentioned in the manual. (For example the gap of the valves needs to be set periodicaly. Otherwise it makes that that diesel sound for the couple of minutes after start.)

The exhaust pipe in the back has corroded. Exchange is needed. But I'll wait for the spring with it. A race muffler would sound great! ;D.

General Comments:

Generally a well built car!

Speedy engine, great fuel consumption (8L/100km strictly in the traffic jam).

Lots of electric gadgets like electric mirrors, windows, central locks, etc..

Lots of space in the trunk (since it's a sedan).

The spare parts are expensive, like every Japanese car parts in Hungary, but you don't need them too much. ;)

The transmission is good, very precise.

The seats are bit wider, than I'd prefer, but it's OK.

The look of the car is very Police-friendly! They just let you get away with things (like speeding), when you sit in a car like this.

Unfortunately my car doesn't have a power steering. I regret that very much, when I try to park in the jammed streets of Budapest.

There's one more thing: it's very hard to find a mechanic who knows this car in Hungary. It's better if you buy a book, and do it yourself! :)

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Review Date: 11th December, 2003