1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO II 2.0 turbo 8v petrol


I bought it used, so I changed belts immediately. Water pump needed to be repaired. Front discs were a bit used (I fitted 16v discs).

The ABS-failure light showed up, because of a "worn out" sensor.

It's a very reliable little car with unlimited power.

General Comments:

A real Garrett-rocket. Although you have to own a petrol station, it's fantastic to drive. Full time 4WD makes it glued on the road, even on snow and ice it stays safe.

Beautiful, comfy inside (black leather, and Recaros).

You can't have a problem with overtaking when you are sitting in a Delta HF!

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

15th Dec 2003, 14:40


How can your car be a Integrale Evo 2? Both Evo 1 & 2's are 2.0 16v turbo's not 2.0 8v.

If your car has the evolution bodykit/bumpers then its due to a previous owner making it a look a like.

11th Jan 2005, 15:16

Hi there my clever friend! My car is a "Swiss market" Integrale, and due to swiss rules - emission standards - the factory put 8v turbo engines to the evo chassis. They even built evo III. with 8v engines!Mind the steps next time!