1992 Mazda 323 BG sedan 1.6i


A reliable and fast car for a small family


In the past two years basically I only had to change brake pads, oil and tires. The servo pump needed to be welded, but it still works after two years. No problems occurred with electricity, though on low rpm with the headlights on the engine starts to vibrate sometimes. I found oil leaking spots on the engine, but it can be solved with minor repair. The only problem is the high gas consumption in urban cycles (10-11 l/100 km).

General Comments:

I am really satisfied with the performance of the car. I use it on long distance drives, acceleration is really good, even from 100km/h in fifth gear. Though it is a small car it grips the road well and I feel it safe even in fast turns. The interior is simple with comfortable seats (my hight is 190 cm). Materials used inside are friendly and good to touch. The controls are handy. I think this is an ideal car for all situations for people living on low budget.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th September, 2003