1989 Mercedes-Benz G-Class 300GD 3.0 diesel


The best car that I will ever own


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It's a real boy's toy. Massive iron body, it's still from the time when Mercedes lived up its promises, not like nowadays.

My car is 1989 Steyr Daimler Puch W460 300 GD, also known as Mercedes Benz G 300 GD.

It was an army reserve vehicle, that's why it has such low mileage. The previous owner has changed the engine chain distribution, both front and rear hub oil, and wheel bearings. Had changed the engine oil every 5000 km. For me it was a bargain. I will come back later with more...

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Review Date: 21st March, 2011

21st Mar 2011, 18:42

Hold on that reliable Honda... you will need it.

Have you owned a Mercedes before?

Don't you think it is odd the car needed a timing chain, wheel bearings etc etc already at 50K.

Your Honda sure didn't, and won't for a long time.

Good luck, and I don't want to rain on your parade, but save your $$$, as you will be spending big $$$ for constant repairs.

28th Aug 2014, 20:36

I have owned a Mercedes Benz before. In fact, I have owned several. The total mileage combined would be at least 1 million miles at this point. Are they reliable? Yes, if you do the maintenance. The used car market allows for this brand to be sold for a lower price, but service costs are still high. Parts can be expensive. A lot of people buy a Mercedes and then forgo the maintenance. They scoff at the $300 A service cost and the $600 B service cost at the dealership. Both are oil changes with a bit more. These services can be DIY'ed for about $70. But if the owner takes his or her Mercedes to a jiffy lube type place and then finds they have issues, it is not the fault of the vehicle or the manufacturer.

I could find nowhere that the timing chain needed replacement as mentioned in your comment. Suspension parts on the G-Wagen that were replaced I imagine would be because the owner went offroading. Let's be honest, not something your Honda could do. It cannot go where the G-Wagen can go. They are two different types of vehicles. If you want a cheap road going "SUV" that can get you from point A to point B - maybe the Honda is right for you. If you want a quality product that was good enough for military use, can go on pavement and offroad, and still can be resold for a good price, then the G-wagen is right for you.

It looks good on the pavement and off. It will get you from point A to point B as well, just with more fun and better looks.