1992 Opel Corsa Swing 1.2


Ideal car for the city


Two month after I bought it, the !original! battery died. It was over 8 years old, I think it is not bad.

The exhaust, died next year.

The shock-absorbers had to be replaced in that year too. But this is due to the horrible roads in Budapest.

The heater had to be replaced too. There was a small leakage in it. The heater was very cheap, so they said, it is easier to replace it, then to repair it.

The gearbox died after 180000km

I think that's all.

General Comments:

It is for sure, you cannot say this to my car: "This car is seriously quick and handles like it's on rails." It is slow, and it does not like to fast curves. It is pretty quick till 65km/h, but after that, you cannot expect acceleration from this car. My top speed was about 170km/h, but that was quite frightening. But I can drive 130-140km/h continuously, of course you have to calculate so that my speedometer cheats about 10%, and it is very loud at that speed. As I said it is pretty quick till 65km/h, but it has a small problem, the tires spin very easily. But probably this is due to the tyres.

It is a pretty reliable car. I drove it 3 times to Germany, without any problem. It has a very good mileage if it is used on the highway. But in the city, especially in winter the fuel consumption is bad. Sometimes over 8L/100km.

The seats are not so comfortable, my previous Peugeot had better ones.

The brakes are pretty good, but you have to treat it very hard.

I had several small crashes with this car, and it was very cheap to repair it. A small crash costs with a new wing or with a new bumper + with paintwork only as much as 2 visit at the tank station. The same damage with another car would cost 5times as much. But the reason for that is most likely, is that it is an old car. But to have a bigger crash with this car is not very healthy I think.

And there are only 2 rusts on the car.

I almost forgot, the dasboard is made of soft plastic, so you can not hear any noise, only the normal noises. Which you can not tell about the most small cars. Even from the new ones. And the switches are just placed right.

Ps: Normally you can not take speakers in the doors, and normal speakers do not fit in the original place, so I had to cut a place for it in the door.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2003