1992 Renault Clio RL 1.9 D


Cheap, but good, simple


Weak points: Gearbox left side rubber gasket leaks oil. Front suspension parts worn quickly. Diesel fuel filter house leaked air. Timing belt tensioner rollers worn quickly. Seats are too soft. Trunk door leaks rain.

Good side: Some parts are still the original ones: Exhaust pipe, clutch cable, accelerator and hand brake cable, starter motor, electrics. The engine is the best. It is really a long lasting and dependable construction. The head was not dismounted yet. No oil consumption yet. Always started. The body stands well against corrosion.

General Comments:

A workhorse: small, enough power, economic use. No comfort, so nothing to get wrong. Ideal in town, good for everywhere else. Well handles in the corners. Especially since I changed the original 155/70 tires to 165/70. Well drives in snow. The speed range is limited, it does not like above 120.

I liked it so much. I just need a bit bigger car with some more comfort.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 9th November, 2003