1986 Skoda Estelle 105S 1.0 petrol


Roomy, economic car, great fun to drive


The previous owner did not know anything about maintenance. Oil consumption was high, therefore piston rings have been replaced. Fuel consumption was extremely high (13l/100km) because of carburettor problems. Most parts of the ignition system has been replaced, starter rebuilt, fly-wheel changed.

I also had other problems, but of less importance: windscreen-wiper switch, heating system, electrical contacts, and more. It is obvious, if the previous owner had done any maintenance, I would have had almost no problems.

General Comments:

Although I managed to get a worn-out car, I still belive that this is a good car (My father also had one a couple of years ago.) If the price is also taken into consideration, it is even better. Steering is extremely easy (if the tire pressure is OK), fuel consumption is economic (remember this engine is almost the same one that the 1000MB entered production with in the mid sixties). It is one of the best cars in winter due to the its rear-engine and rear-wheel-drive.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2000

23rd May 2005, 14:11

The estelle was the worse car I have ever owned since 1974. On a regular basis it would just conk out, especially waiting at traffic lights. The heater hose burst which was sited inside the car. I thought the car had caught alight at first until I felt the hot water burning my legs. I swore that I would never buy another skoda again. (I didn't)

12th Mar 2006, 04:32

I Liked the Estelle 105. it was easy to drive and had lots of room for the family. It could turn on a sixpence and handled like a thoroughbread. It was prone to cylinder head failure and gasket leeks. It was well engineered, but was vary maintenance intensive. It had grease nipples on the suspension, but worst of all the gears would be lost. This was caused by the wrong lubrication on the gear lever. A plastic ball was used to secure it to the mechanism - due to this gear levers broke. The fuel pipes leaked going into the fuel pipe and the carburetor. At the end of the day it was not worth it, when driven there was always something at the back of the mind that said, "Soemething will break!"