1965 Opel Kadett A Super 1.1


Forgotten gem of a car


The thing is, I got the car in not so good shape, and I have had to repaired a lot of things on it.

Thing repaired:

The brakes were broken altogether.

The engine was in rough shape, but somehow managed to run. The engine leaked oil, did not start time to time, had a loud clunking sound, the starter was near dead, and the battery was getting close to dying too. And a little bit of rust was on the engine.

But keep in mind, this car is from the year 1965! Everything that was wrong with it, I have fixed and it didn't cost me that much, about 1200 dollars, and now it runs like new.

General Comments:

This car is amazing! It's a tiny 2door car that runs like it has a rocket on it, and the body is 100% rust free. The 1100 cc motor spews out 48 hp, and that a lot for such a tiny car. It's a great car for young people like me to start on if you are into vintage cars, because this car is fool proof! The engine is so simple that a toddler could maintain it.

This is the most fun and funny car I have ever had.

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Review Date: 6th February, 2010

1987 Opel Kadett D 1.2 petrol


Why dont they still make cars like that???


Brake pads.

General Comments:

Drove this used car for 120.000 km with no maintenance except brake pads, I did not even change the oil or check the radiator fluid.

Low fuel consumption.

Simple, cheap, reliable, unbreakable - what else do you want?

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2006

28th Mar 2018, 22:16

Why wouldn’t you change the oil...??? What was the purpose of that? It’s to deliberately destroy an engine.