1999 Opel Vectra CD 2.0 4 cylinder


A good car for long trips


Head gasket and valve gasket had to be replaced, as expected I suppose.

Ghosts in the electrics. Sometimes, when idling, the engine would just turn off on its own. I replaced sensor after sensor, some wires, had the computer diagnosed, but nothing would seem to fix it.

General Comments:

It had all the frilly-bits a man could want: steering wheel buttons for the stereo, AC, a snow driving button, TC button, seven or eight cup holders, and a cassette storage unit, which is funny, because it had a CD player.

It handled like a bus when driving in town; heavy steering and HARD suspension.

But when going just under 190 km/h on new asphalt, the car would just glue itself onto the road. That was the sort of driving this car was made for.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd February, 2012