1996 Skoda Felicia GLX Combi


Good if it is cared for!


The tachometer didn't work when I got it.

The temperature gauge didn't work when I got it.

The electrical wiring seems to have been failing since I could only sometimes turn on/off the headlights and put the park lights on.

The steering was way to heavy, not everybody could handle this, I know it is a little heavier in the old cars, but this was over the top!

The rear windshield wiper only cleaned 1/4 of the window.

The backseat came loose after I moved a really light closet, and I couldn't get the seat back in place.

The high beam didn't work, had to hold the stalk in to have them on.

The turn signals didn't always blink, they just came on and were illuminated.

The alternator stopped working.

General Comments:

This car would have been much better if the previous owner (Only one owner before me) would have cared better for this Felly! It is heavily rusted and worn out colour, probably never waxed or cleaned properly I think.

It didn't have even that much mileage on it, only 75000 km! So it would probably have lived for another 13 years had it been cared for properly, it's not that I would advise people from not buying a Felicia but you should really look into what kind of Felicia it is, whether it looks good or low mileage, get the car checked and do the necessary before you buy it.

I have a lot of faith in Skoda, my brother owns a Skoda Fabia and it has really come through for us, really comfortable and lots of features in it.

The Felicia doesn't have many features but it is perfect for an A to B trip.

You can really grow to love a Felicia I know I do, or did, I was really unlucky in this purchase! I would definitely buy another Skoda, just not a Felicia. What I experienced in the end really threw me off Felly's. The alternator broke and probably many more things, leaving me stranded, had the car for 4 months, it has been standing for 1 and a half month, was trying to get it to a mechanic today, but it died immediately, even after being connected to another car for an hour in whole, think the head gasket is gone, and something else as well, not sure but the car is basically dead.

So tomorrow is probably the end for a 13 year old girl, she is going to the dump!

Thank you for reading, and here's to better automobile future :)

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Review Date: 27th May, 2009

9th Jun 2009, 21:06

Well, I got her towed to a repair man and he fixed the car for me! I was really surprised how cheap it was!! now she is back on the streets! As I said, if the car is cared for it is really a nice and good car, the previous owner did not at all care for it, but I am, so she is getting better by the day :)

1996 Skoda Felicia LX 1.3


Reliable but completely gutless ...


The exhaust...

Rear windshield wiper stopped working...

The ignition system literally fell apart, leaving me stranded on the road.

2nd gear is getting very shaky...

Nothing else...

General Comments:

This our company car. It has been fairly reliable and I think I can depend on it, except for that one instance when the ignition system broke down and left me stranded.

This car can withstand the roughest conditions and seems very well put-together. At least there are no rattles.

To tell the truth, we always drive this car like maniacs (that's why 2nd gear is giving up). These 56.000 km are probably equal to 100.000 regularly driven km !! :)

It has no extras, not even power-assisted steering, let alone central locking system. That's why I give it such a low comfort mark. The radio/speaker system completely sucks and wind and road noise is very high. You can listen to the radio while driving at 90+ km/h.

The thing that bothers me most about this car is that it is completely gut-less. The engine is 1.3 liters, no injection, only 8 or 12 valves and is only outputting about 50 hp. Even though the car is only about 800 kg, I'm having trouble keeping up with buses and trailers and of course regular traffic. Sometimes it's amazing when you are at a red light, beside a big diesel Taxi like for example the Hyundai Starex and no matter how you floor the car, you just can't keep up with them - they just drive off.

Since you are always pushing the car to it's limits, the fuel consumption is surprisingly high, that's why I give the car only 5 in running costs.

This is quite a good car for a company car (very cheap), but I would never buy this car for myself.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2000