2002 Fiat Palio EL 1.2 petrol


As sturdy as the best German cars, will last forever


Rear view mirror keeps falling off.

Wheel alignment, especially front, required to avoid tyre wear.

General Comments:

I purchased my 2002 Palio petrol EL second hand in 2004 for half the price, at 19000 km.

It has had no problem whatsoever, and is very smooth and silent.

Mileage with relaxed driving is around 10 KPL in the city, and 14 KPL on the highway. I've driven about 15000 km (about 10000 km on

the highway with very high speed driving), and never had any issues, except tyre wear, which was rectified after a wheel alignment.

Only 3 services with oil changing done so far. Good service by Sundaram Motors, Chennai.

Maybe I am very, very lucky, but I see no reason for all the cribbing. I am aware inconsistent quality is an issue with Fiat India. Hope the Tata alliance sorts things out. Here's to a long innings for the Palio in India.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2006

2002 Fiat Palio GTX 1.6 petrol


Great Car-Poor Quality and Dealer Service


Lambda Sensor.

Brake Pads-twice.

Shoch absorbers - front.

Aircon Thermostat-twice.

Fuel pump.

Irregular idle - continuing since purchase despite several dealership visits, tune-ups and part changes.

General Comments:

Good handling, comfort and performance.

Roomy cabin makes a good family car for a hatchback.

Good suspension makes comfort driving on potholed roads (atleast in mumbai.

Unfortunately, a disaster on mileage (irregular fuel consumption levels) and quality of parts (high and random failure rate)

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Review Date: 22nd April, 2004