1987 Maruti 800 0.8


Extremely reliable and economical


Nothing unusual.

Had to change the suspensions 2 years back.

When the car was brand new, the radiator was leaking and the front door would not lock, but the dealer was quite competent. In-fact dad had befriended a very good mechanic at the dealership and so the car always remained in top shape.

General Comments:

The car is truly the people's car of India. Small, nimble, and takes you from point A to point B without hassle.

My dad has been driving this since 1987 and he today he hates driving any big cars Corolla/Accent etc. while driving around in the city.

At high speeds on highways it does give you jitters, but then it's not advisable to take it too fast.

Extremely reliable. Extremely economical. Consistently gave 18-20 kms./litre.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2005

8th Feb 2008, 03:35

Maruti 800 came in year1986 not in 1987.