2007 Renault Logan 1.6




I have a Renault Logan 1.6 engine (earlier version is called Dacia Logan) bought in 2007 when it was first launched in India. The engine began to shudder and it took the workshop four days to dig out the cause for this, and eventually figured it's the ignition coil issue and got it replaced (of course they have charged me). I have driven around 100 kms so far, and the issue seems to be resolved now.

Heard in various forums that in Renault cars, the ignition coil is the major issue, and more often needs to be replaced frequently.

However, I have no other issues, and am overall satisfied with the performance of the car, and the USP is the space.

General Comments:

Good performance, mileage, space.

Bad quality of the interior and a lack of power.

Overall, satisfied.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 5th May, 2011

8th Oct 2012, 11:53

I have a Renault Logan, which has about 60000 km on the clock. It has been totally reliable until this day. I must remind you that the routine maintenance service must be done on this car, right on the schedule. The ignition coil problem is because of not changing spark plugs every 20000 km. Try it out, the cost of one spark plug set is much cheaper than double ignition coils.

Good luck.